A general service to extract and abstract common functions of WFMS and DDMS

Flexibility to experiment agnostic

Flexibility to support different use-cases and backends with plugin structure

Intelligent to transform and deliver needed data to consumers

Components structure and Layers Architecture


Main Components


Transformer To transform input data from one collection to another collection. With plugin structure to support different transform type and different backends.
Transporter To manage collections with DDM backend.
Conductor To notify/schedule consumers to consume new transformed data in a fine-grained granularity.

Layer and Plugin Architecture

Layers and Plugins

Abstract Layers Hide the complexity of different logics to implement general API
Plugins To support different transforms and backends
Restful interface Interface to communicate with clients

Experiment agnostic based on generation

Abstract for ochestration

Maintainability and extensibility with plugins


Applications that iDDS would like to serve

Potential Applications